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Learn Growth Hacking or Die.

Most marketers worldwide agree that Growth Hacking is the future of marketing, others think it’s a fad. Well, here is some news, friends. The best companies such as Facebook, Airbnb and Uber have had growth teams for the last 5 years and Growth Hacking is on a constant rise since 2012:

Source: https://g.co/trends/zoGO8 — Amount of times the term ‘growth hacking’ has been searched on Google from 2012 until today.

Those big guys understand that in today’s digital world

  1. Marketing and development go hand in hand if you’re looking for sustainable growth.
  2. Everything can be tracked and measured, which means intuition has low value or in other words, skills are more important than experience.
  3. Speed is the main competitive advantage so large campaigns must be replaced by rapid experimentation and these experiments must impact the full customer journey.
  4. Outsmarting competition has better results than outspending it.
  5. ROI comes from focusing on the right metrics.
  6. Now, it’s one thing to understand where the industry is going, it’s another to act upon it and it’s yet another to operate a successful transformation.

Why companies fail?

Here is an exhaustive list of challenges we at MAD Kings see companies face when they start implementing the Growth Hacking methodology:

  1. Lack of understanding of what Growth Hacking is truly about.
  2. Lack of technical skills in the marketing department(s).
  3. Lack of marketing skills in the technical department(s).
  4. Marketing efforts spent almost exclusively on ‘Top of the Funnel’ actions.

Growth marketers focus on delivering delightful customer experiences at every stage of the funnel because they know that pouring water into a leaky bucket will lead to a big waste of time and money:

Source: www.growthhackingworkshop.be

Here is a great slide by Kissmetrics’ co-founder, Hiten Shah, that sums up the main differences between (digital) marketing and Growth Hacking:

Source: https://www.slideshare.net/heavybit/heavybit-presents-hiten-shah-on-growth-hacking-and-developer-marketing

The difference between digital marketing and growth hacking in terms of actual results is perfectly illustrated by this graph, which was sent to us by one of our clients. They know that traditional (digital) marketing skills will only get them so far and if they don’t start using new technologies to make their marketing more efficient, they will lose the game:

Source: confidential. Amount of EAN’s is their OMTM (one metric that matters).

Although our agency is focused on unlocking company’s growth exponential through strategy and execution, we feel we have a role to play in helping leaders understand that the marketing and advertising industry is being disrupted by new technologies and how to adapt quickly to that change. But before convincing anyone to adopt a new vision and invest in profound structural changes, one needs indeed to understand the need and return of it.

From our experience, this cannot happen in a 30 minutes nor a one-hour meeting, even an entire day is not enough.

Learn Growth Hacking in 2 Days

This is why we’re organising a 2-day Growth Hacking Workshop that will give marketers and entrepreneurs a holistic view of what Growth Hacking is all about. Bullshit not allowed, attendees will go back to their respective offices with an actionable, step-by-step implementation plan on how to grow their business using analytics, user psychology, automation, creative marketing tactics and much more.



Recommended by accomplished professionals

Here is what our alumni have to say about the first edition:

  • Gregory Culpin, Director at Elium: “I had high expectations for this workshop as I have both an IT and business development background, with a natural interest for B2B inbound marketing and growth techniques. The MadKings team provided a well-structured couple of days, with a lot of valuable content and actionable takeaways for both small and larger organisations. Strongly recommended and definitely need more of these in Belgium!”
  • Nicolas Paris, Innovation Manager at Lampiris: A dive into the complex world of Growth Hacking. This workshop helps to discover concrete tools and techniques to acquire new customers in the age of Facebook and digital identity. Beyond the buzz, the team of MAD Kings is committed to making marketing an increasingly accurate science, to the delight of their customers!”
  • Alexis Martial, Growth Marketer at Internet Vista Growth: “Growth hacking is not about all the tools you can use, it’s about the methodology behind. MAD Kings helped us understand how to implement this famous framework, called growth hacking.” “Dropbox or Airbnb’s massive growth hasn’t come overnight, they set the right methodology to reach it. That’s what you’ll learn from this workshop. What is Growth Hacking and how to implement a framework that’ll make your company grow. We all heard or read about growth hacking online but many of us are confused about what’s all really about. This workshop helped us learn the basics and how to implement it in our company in order to outsmart our competitors.”
  • Justine Cuylits, Digital Marketer at BL Creative: “This 2-days workshop exceeded my expectations. It’s been an fulfilling experience with great content as well as a nice atmosphere. The theory was combined with the practical aspects in a smooth & smart way. I definitely recommend it!”

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