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9 Best Growth Marketing Tactics and Tools for 2019

EDIT 2021 – Long time has passed since this article has been written. Whom are the best Growth Agencies nowadays? What are the tools they are using? Click here to find out and discover the top Growth agencies. 2018 has been an intense year for us at MAD Kings. We tripled our turnover and doubled […]


What Full-Funnel Optimisation Actually Means

The main difference between Growth Marketing and Digital Marketing lays in the obsession growth marketers have for the optimisation of the customer experience all along the full customer journey. Growth hackers use the AAARRR framework to describe and optimise each step of the conversion funnel towards a full customer journey. This is always done with […]


Learn Growth Hacking or Die.

Most marketers worldwide agree that Growth Hacking is the future of marketing, others think it’s a fad. Well, here is some news, friends. The best companies such as Facebook, Airbnb and Uber have had growth teams for the last 5 years and Growth Hacking is on a constant rise since 2012: Those big guys understand […]


5 Ways to Kill a Growth Team 🔫

“It is hip, it is cool. Facebook does it, Airbnb does it, Dropbox created an epic referral system (in 2010 🙊)- we should do it too. Let’s create a growth team in our company and start hacking the s*** out of growth”. 🚀 I really wish it was that easy. Having worked in growth for […]